Wrigley Goes Green
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At work and at home, Wrigley Associates are leading our efforts to bring sustainability to life. Wrigley’s Go Green program encourages Associates to make sustainability personal, by finding ways to “Go Green” at work and within their communities. 

Around the world, Wrigley Associates are innovating and executing their own Go Green projects to show how our everyday lives impact our planet. Projects range from hosting conversation circles on environmental topics to setting up Green Markets and adopting highways within communities – we’re proud to see all the unique ways our Associates are creating a greener world.

Go Green partnered with the Wrigley Company Foundation in 2014 to help raise more awareness of the importance of sustainability efforts. The Foundation agreed to donate up to US$50,000 by contributing US$1,000 on behalf of each Wrigley site that hosted an Associate learning event. As a result of the hard work of Go Green teams and Associates at 47 sites around the world, the Wrigley Company Foundation donated US$47,000 in mini-grants to the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Eco-Schools program.

The Wrigley Go Green Program is encouraging Associates to live a more sustainable and green life both inside and outside of work.

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