Managing Health & Wellbeing
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Keeping Ourselves Accountable

Nourishing Wellbeing Together

Nourishing wellbeing is one of our key priorities at Mars, and we make sure that the right governance systems are in place to drive progress in this area. Connected by internal leadership, company-wide governance and numerous third-party partnerships, Mars works diligently to make sure that all health and wellbeing strategies align to the broader goal of nourishing wellbeing.

Different Segments, Same Goal

While each one of our segments – Petcare, Confectionery, Food and Drinks – drives its own health and wellbeing strategy, we have aligned our intent at the Mars, Incorporated leadership team and Board level. A sub-committee of the Board works closely with segment Health and Wellbeing leads to apply this company-level intent and develop the right strategies on a segment-by-segment basis.

Making Health-based Business Decisions

Our goal for better nutrition, health and wellbeing drives some of our most important business decisions.  For example, the decision to bring our gum and chocolate businesses together makes it easier to ensure that all our confectionery products are driven by the same health & wellbeing ambitions. When we agree to increase the number of packs under 200kcal, that commitment can now be scaled at the same pace across our different confectionery brands.

Now focused on the nourishing wellbeing ambition, all Mars businesses will work to ensure that this kind of collaboration continues so that we can make the biggest impact possible with our collective commitment.

Providing a Safe, Healthy Workplace for Mars Associates

As much as we care about the consumers who enjoy our products and services, we also want to provide nourishing wellbeing for our Associates. No matter the job setting, Mars is continually developing health, wellness, and safety initiatives to improve life both inside and outside of the workplace.

Learn more about Health, Safety & Wellbeing Initiatives for all Mars Associates >>

Partnering for Health & Wellbeing Outside of Mars Walls

Despite our own scientific endeavors and internal systems of governance, we know that we can’t aspire to nourish wellbeing all on our own. That’s why Mars makes sure to stay connected to a variety of organizations with skills in health and wellbeing research and innovation.

We are proud to push our ambition forward with allies like the International Food and Beverage Alliance (IFBA) and the Partnership for a Healthier America, to name just two. In many cases these partnerships help inform Mars’ own business strategies and priorities, and we benefit immensely from dialogue and collaboration with our partners. Some examples include:

  • British Nutrition Foundation (BNF): This charity provides impartial, evidence-based information on food and nutrition. As a member, we meet regularly to discuss nutrition issues. We used input from the BNF to help create our reformulation programs on saturated fats and portion sizes, and used guidance from their “Building Healthy Meals” project to determine nutritional criteria for a healthy meal.
  • European Nutrition Advisory Board: This group of external scientific experts from France, Germany, Netherlands and UK, meets twice a year to advise Mars on nutrition-related issues that affect us. Their input informed our commitments to reduce saturated fats and portion sizes to less than 250 calories in Mars confectionary products.
  • Innovation Institute for Food and Health: The Innovation Institute is being supported with a pledge of $40 million from Mars and $20 million from UC Davis to advance new discoveries in sustainable food, agriculture and health.
  • Roundtable on Obesity Solutions: We are one of only three food companies to take part in the Institute of Medicine’s Roundtable on Obesity Solutions. This partnership gives us valuable insight on our work to tackle obesity.
  • Subcommittee on Hunger and Nutrition: In the US, Mars is a member of the Council of State Governments’ “State Pathways to Prosperity” Subcommittee on Hunger and Nutrition. We work with federal and state officials on policy recommendations to improve nutrition for American families.
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