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Improving Our Products

As a leading provider of food for people and pets, we want to make sure the products we offer, and the ingredients they contain, fit into a balanced diet. We are continuously investigating ways to improve the nutritional content of our products without compromising taste, convenience, quality or affordability.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), obesity has more than doubled around the world since 1980. Yet, at the same time, hunger and malnutrition remain serious health problems. We are responding to concerns that consumers, governments and other organizations have about health issues associated with the foods and beverages they consume.

Our Product and Ingredient Renovation Action Plan

Mars is combining science and product design to continually improve our portfolio. We have a long history of industry leading moves, and a few recent ones are below.

Reformulating and promoting healthy meals with Mars Food

Mars Food is advancing healthy meals by dialing up the use of vegetables, fruits and whole grains, while also dialing back added sugar and sodium across its portfolio. We’ve developed nutrition criteria, based on WHO nutrition recommendations, to guide development and reformulation of healthier Mars Food dinnertime products and on-pack recipe suggestions. Our top brands also are promoting cooking and eating together.

Reducing sugar and promoting portion-sized offerings with Mars Wrigley Confectionery

Mars Wrigley Confectionery is dialing back calories, trans fats and sugars, while dialing up smaller portion-size offerings and consumer information and highlighting the benefits of products like sugar-free gum that can help protect oral health. In the U.S., we recently partnered with Partnership for a Healthier America to raise standards in the confectionery industry.

Meeting unique pet health needs with Mars Petcare

Mars Petcare is creating a better world for pets through access to quality nutrition and healthcare that pets and their families love. Mars Petcare delivers a range of products and services to meet the nutritional and healthcare needs of different pets, breeds, life stages and health conditions. We invest a huge amount of research to advance pet nutrition and to understand the benefits of human/animal interaction.


We have a sweet tooth for our confectionery products – they’re delicious! But we encourage consumers to enjoy them as a treat and part of a balanced diet. We’re working hard to reformulate our products to reduce the calories while keeping the same great taste. In 2016, more than 99 percent of our confectionery portfolio contained less than 250 calories per portion.


Adopting the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria

We developed the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria based upon recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other leading global public health authorities. These criteria help us measure the nutritional content of our current products against dietary recommendations for added sugar, salt and fat.

We are using the Mars Food Nutrition Criteria to guide our product innovation and reformulation. We aim to develop products that fit into healthy diets balanced over the course of several days, allowing for the occasional treat or special meal.

The Mars Food 2021 sodium reduction commitments are above and beyond sodium reduction Mars Food accomplished between 2007 and 2013, when it reduced sodium across its portfolio by 25%. This success is the result of our partnerships with government initiatives, such as voluntary reduction commitments in different regions.

Our efforts began in the U.K., which has the most stringent salt reduction standards, and we are following the country’s leadership in this area. We have committed to reduce the sodium content of our products across the European Union (EU), based on the criteria set out by the U.K. Food Standards Agency/Department of Health (FSA/DoH). Our U.K. Food portfolio is 100 percent compliant with the FSA's targets. In the U.S. we joined forces with the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's National Salt Reduction Initiative (NSRI).

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