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Mars is still a private, family-owned company — a big reason why we’re able to have strong values guide our day-to-day business. Members of the Mars family make up our Board of Directors, which in turn is advised by four external Board Advisors. We’re lucky to have an extremely talented global management team, led by Grant F. Reid, Office of the President, to run our everyday operations. 

Several other committees help the Board and its advisors make sure Mars is always heading in the right direction. Come learn a bit more about them:

  • The Audit Committee helps the Board make sure we act with integrity in every aspect of our bookkeeping. It oversees internal auditors and independent accountants, and is responsible for maintaining communication between the Board of Directors and the Company's financial management, internal auditors and independent accountants.
  • The Technology Committee assists the Board with overseeing our innovative technology platforms and initiatives, such as those related to the more functional areas of Research and Development, Supply, Commercial and Science.
  • The Remuneration Committee helps the Board make sure that everyone is getting paid fairly and that our benefits programs live up to the standards written in The Five Principles, which guide the way we do business.
  • The Benefits Funding and Investment Oversight Committee helps the Board watch over our benefit plan investment strategies, making sure they are legally compliant and in line with The Five Principles. 

For more information about the Board and Mars Leadership Team, visit the Global Leadership page of our website.


The Five Principles — Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom — are what tie our businesses together across generations, geographies, cultures and languages. These principles reflect the values of the Mars family and all of our Associates. 



Ethics and integrity are central to Mars. Fostered by our longstanding commitment to The Five Principles, these characteristics make us proud to be Mars Associates. As our business continues to grow globally — sometimes in places with different cultural norms and regulatory standards — we’re committed to training our Associates with the tools needed to make decisions that live up to the high ethical standards we expect of everyone at Mars.


A great company starts with every new Associate’s first day. Here at Mars, this begins with “Essence of Mars” training for new Associates at every level, a program where our people have the opportunity to learn about each of The Five Principles and how they are woven into every aspect of life at Mars. All Associates are trained on our global Guide to Ethics & Compliance, which explains our human rights expectations of Associates.

Our culture is dedicated to doing good, but we understand that it’s not always enough to ensure responsible business behavior. In today’s global, diverse and fast-paced business environment, we need to account for ever-evolving and increasingly complex legal requirements in such diverse areas as competition law and anti-corruption compliance. It has never been more important for our Associates to understand their legal and ethical responsibilities, and our commitment to respecting human rights in our workplaces. And we’re here to help.

Our Supplier Code of Conduct lays out our human rights expectations of our first-tier suppliers. Additionally, we require that select suppliers operating in high-human-rights-risk geographies or industries undergo independent workplace assessments.


Mars is an incredibly diverse place. Across different business segments, around the world, Mars Associates are putting their own strategies and resources in place to manage their unique impacts on the planet, as well as continuing to contribute to the health and wellbeing of our people and communities. Here’s how we make sure all those policies work together:

  • The Corporate Reputation Steering Group coordinates different approaches across the business to make sure they are sharing best practices and that our policy commitments are consistent.
  • The Sustainability Leadership Team (SLT) is our Green Team. They review any company-wide strategy or policy that is related to sustainability.
  • The Sustainability Working Group was developed to create policies and practices for approval by the Sustainability Leadership Team. With the help of advisory groups all over Mars, it develops specific strategies for specific issues, such as product packaging and eco-labeling.
  • The Global Public Policy Group, led by our Vice President of Public Affairs, helps make sure that Mars has globally consistent positions, policies and standards across every aspect of our public policy. 

View all Mars policies.


We’re a better company because we’re willing to ask for help. There are two formal external advisory groups that give us advice on significant developments, issues and opportunities relevant to our business. Their role is to provide us clear-eyed, external recommendations on strategy and policy that we can then incorporate into our overall business plans.

  • The Mars Global Advisors are external experts who are on hand to help the leaders of Mars develop major public policy goals and understand how geo-political and macro-economic issues and trends affect business. Learn more about our Global Leadership.

  • The Mars Science Advisory Council (MSAC) is a group of world-renowned scientists from diverse fields relevant to the Mars business. They engage with leadership throughout the business to advise them on matters related to research programs, scientific policy development and product development. Our work on the cacao genome project is one exciting example of MSAC’s influence.

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