Increasing Income
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Increasing Farmer Income

Helping Smallholder Farmers Prosper

At Mars, we believe everyone working within our extended supply chains should earn a sufficient income to maintain a decent standard of living. This is our goal. Although our relationship with smallholder farmers is rarely direct, we recognize their importance for our business. We’re especially focused on helping the current generation of smallholder farmers prosper, while also ensuring the next generation is motivated to stay connected to farming as a profession that allows them to thrive.

Why Mars Is Invested in Increasing Farmer Income

An estimated 200 million smallholder farmers are producing food within the world’s supply chains and far too many of them live in poverty. Although we rarely purchase directly from the farmers, we recognize that helping lift smallholder farms out of poverty is both the right thing to do and vital for the long-term sustainability of our supply chains.

The current supply chain model isn’t working, and it’s time for change.

Today’s generation of farmers must be successful for Mars to have secure and sustainable access to the raw materials like cocoa, mint and rice we rely upon every day.

If we don’t address the issue of farmer income, the next generation of farmers will want to move on to other work.

Implementing Programs to Increase Incomes

Our plan is based on investing in activities that have a tangible impact on the ground, beginning with our cocoa, mint and rice supply chains, where a large number of farmers are estimated to live in poverty.

FarmerIncomeLab-267x267The Farmer Income Lab

Earlier this year, we launched the Farmer Income Lab, a collaborative “think-do tank,” focused on generating the missing insights needed to eradicate smallholder poverty. This Lab is intended to be a catalyst, driving faster and more effective impact at scale within our supply chains and amplifying our impacts by sharing our insights with others.

Research That Creates Change

This isn’t just research for research’s sake. It is action-focused and will produce practical insights that we can implement in our sustainable sourcing and advocacy strategies, creating a continuous feedback loop between research, action and advocacy.

Collaborating to Amplify Our Impact With Oxfam and Others

The insights and solutions will be shared with the industry to help drive wider change and impact across global supply chains. The initiative will be guided by an advisory panel of experts from academia, non-profit and intergovernmental organizations. We are proud that Oxfam has agreed to be one of the advisors for this work. 

Maximizing Impact With the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming

Together with Danone and others, we co-founded the Livelihoods Fund for Family Farming. This fund will invest 120 million euros to develop sustainable agriculture projects that improve incomes for smallholder farmers, while also tackling food security and restoring ecosystems. We aim to positively impact 200,000 farms through the Livelihoods Fund and develop sustainable supply chains for Mars and others to source high-quality, sustainable raw materials. 

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